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Post and Rail Fencing Company Near Peoria, IL

If you’re looking to add a rustic, natural aesthetic to your property while also keeping pets or livestock safely contained, post and rail fencing is an excellent option to consider.

As a top fencing company serving Peoria and the surrounding areas for over 10 years, we specialize in expertly installing beautiful and long-lasting post and rail fences customized to meet each client’s unique needs and budget.

Unlike privacy fences that fully enclose a yard, post and rail fences feature a simple, spaced-out construction using posts and horizontal rails made of rot-resistant wood.

This type of fencing creates a safe yet welcoming boundary that complements landscapes and architecture styles beautifully. It’s perfect for ranches, farms, large gardens, and properties requiring partial enclosure near the perimeter.

We use only the highest quality lumber and hardware to construct customized post and rail fences designed to perfectly suit each client’s spatial parameters and functional needs for their property.

With proper maintenance, our fences stand the test of time and weather the effects of the Illinois elements for over 15 years.

Process We Follow for Post and Rail Fencing

Installing a customized post and rail fence is an intricate process best left to experienced professionals. Here is a detailed overview of our tried-and-true process for installing beautiful, long-lasting post and rail fencing here:

Initial Consultation and Quote

The process starts when our friendly staff meets with you at your property for a detailed consultation. We’ll discuss your vision for the space, intended purpose, and specifications regarding dimensions, materials and other needs. Next, we measure the parameters and geography to provide an accurate on-site quote, allowing you to understand projected costs before moving forward.

Materials Selection

Once you decide to move forward with the project, we help you select the perfect materials including rot-resistant wood type (cedar and redwood are excellent choices), rail configuration, post size and spacing parameters to suit your aesthetic tastes, terrain and functional needs within your budget.

Permit Application and Securing

Next, our team submits professional drawings and permit applications to your local municipality on your behalf, securing all required permits for the Peoria region. We also call to utilities to be marked prior to digging. This protects underground lines while ensuring full compliance with local codes and ordinances.

Post Hole Installation

With permits and utility marking secured, we mobilize our crew to your property at the scheduled date/time to start the installation process. We bring all necessary equipment to efficiently dig precision post holes per specified depth and spacing parameters around the perimeter to be enclosed.

Post Setting and Leveling

Our foreman then leads the crew in setting and leveling the posts in the holes, verifying for plumb/alignment. We utilize gravel and specialty mixes beneath posts to facilitate proper drainage. Posts are then secured in their set positions.

Rail Installation and Attachment

Next we install and securely attach the horizontal rails to the posts per the predetermined configuration using galvanized brackets and fasteners built to last. We construct sections onsite prior to fitting and attaching the final railing assemblies one span at a time.

Gate and Hardware Installation (If applicable)

If your fence configuration includes one or more gates, we install hinges/hardware and assemble gates to swing smoothly on stable posts as part of the previous assembly process. Double gates may feature a drop rod to hold one door in place while allowing the other to swing open.

Cleanup and Protection

As we complete railing/fence installation, we clean up the entire work area and can apply weatherproofing sealant if desired. Temporary barrier fencing helps protect newly installed fixtures. We also provide tips for longterm care and maintenance before wrapping up.

Follow-Up and Support

Satisfaction guaranteed on all fencing projects from the trusted professionals at our fencing company. We’ll follow up regarding your happiness and are always available to clients for service needs down the road.

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Cost of Post and Rail Fencing in Peoria, IL

Custom factors make it impossible to list standard prices, so professional quotes are always project-specific. However, we aim to provide exceptional value by using top materials and efficient installation techniques.

In general, projected cost depends primarily on:

  • Linear footage (perimeter length)
  • Height/size of lumber used
  • Whether terrain is flat or sloped
  • Gate inclusion

Cedar and redwood cost more than pine but weather beautifully. Whatever your budget, our fence team considers all specifications to devise a fencing solution that achieves visual appeal within budgetary means.

We provide guaranteed upfront quotes at no cost or obligation. Contact us for pricing details tailored to your unique post and rail fencing project!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


With over 10 years of experience, our team has the knowledge to recommend and install the ideal fences for your needs.


We provide customized fences designed specifically for your property, lifestyle and requirements.

Quality Materials

We use only the most durable and resilient fencing materials to withstand the test of time.

Professional Installation

Our skilled installers neatly construct your customized fence with precision, care and expertise.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction through clear communication, transparency and delivering on our promises.


Without compromising on quality, we offer competitive pricing tailored to different budgets.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Peoria, Illinois

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FAQs About Post and Rail Fencing in Peoria, Illinois

What are the main benefits of post and rail fencing?

Post and rail fences create safe boundaries while preserving views and adding natural beauty to complement landscaping. They contain livestock/pets when used with wire fencing while allowing free airflow.

What lumber types do you use for post and rail fences?

We utilize rot and insect-resistant woods such as cedar and redwood for superb performance. Treated pine is a more affordable option in cases where appearance is less critical. The choice impacts pricing.

What factors affect post and rail fencing cost?

Primary factors include linear footage, lumber types selected and terrain challenges. Gates also impact overall project pricing. We provide client-specific quotes after assessing project parameters.

How long do post and rail fences typically last?

Properly installed and maintained post/rail fences average 15-20 years depending on wood types used. Checking posts/connections yearly maximizes longevity as does reapplying protective sealants as needed.

How far apart are posts and rails typically spaced?

Post spacing averages 6 to 8 feet depending on fence height and wind exposure. Rails are spaced proportionally for optimal structural integrity, typically installed in multiple horizontal levels.

Can you match my existing post and rail fence?

Yes, we can install new spans that match or complement existing post and rail fences. We work hard to achieve uniform spacing, alignments and aesthetics.

Are permits required to install fences?

Yes, permits and utilities marking are always required prior to fence installations. We submit paperwork and secure approvals on your behalf.

Can I stain or seal my post and rail fence?

Absolutely. We provide prep tips and preferred product recommendations to help homeowners waterproof or stain new post/rail fencing.

What is the best type of gate for post and rail fences?

Simple, matching wood swing gates with quality hardware provide an excellent pairing for post and rail spans. Metal gates can also be installed where a more durable gate is preferred.

How can I get a quote for my post and rail fencing project?

Contact our office at your convenience to schedule a free on-site consultation and customized quote with no obligations whatsoever. Call us today!

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