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Pool Fencing Near Peoria, IL

Keep your pool area safe and secure with custom pool fencing installed by the experts.

With over 10 years of experience enhancing properties, our team has the skills and expertise to design, build, and install code-compliant pool fences that check all the boxes – safety, security, and aesthetics.

A properly installed pool fence acts as a barrier between the water and children or pets, preventing accidental drownings and injuries. It also keeps unwanted visitors out of your pool area, protecting your investment.

Our pool fences are made from long-lasting and low-maintenance vinyl, wood, aluminum, or chain link fencing.

We use sturdy materials and advanced installation techniques to construct fences that stand the test of time and natural elements like sun, wind, and rain.

At Fence Company Peoria IL, we handle your pool fencing project from start to finish – from on-site measurements and permitting to demolition of old fences and flawless installation of the new fence.

Our hands-on approach coupled with strict adherence to local codes ensures the fence meets all safety regulations. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

With working us as your partner, you can have the peace of mind that comes with a properly installed pool fence. Contact us today for a free quote!

Process We Follow for Pool Fencing

Initial Consultation and Measurements

The first step is to schedule an on-site consultation at your property. Our fence experts will assess your unique needs and preferences, such as material, height, style, and placement of gates or access points. We’ll take precise measurements of the area to be enclosed by the pool fence.

Proper measurements ensure the fence is designed and built to suit your poolscape. We’ll also inspect the site and identify any obstructions, sloped areas, or utilities to take into account while planning the layout. Our team will make recommendations and provide options to choose from based on your goals, HOA regulations, and local building codes.

Permitting and Approvals

Once we have finalized the project scope and fence specifications, we’ll submit the necessary paperwork to your city or county to obtain permits. Securing permits in advance is mandatory for pool fences in most jurisdictions.

Our familiarity with local permitting processes helps expedite approvals. We’ll also coordinate with your HOA or neighborhood architectural committee as needed to get their green light. Keeping up with code changes and requirements is part of our commitment to building compliant, long-lasting fences.

Materials Selection

With the permits in place, we’ll help you select the perfect fencing materials for durability, aesthetics, and budget. Aluminum, vinyl, wood, chain link – each has advantages. Aluminum and vinyl are durable, low-maintenance options. Wood infuses a classic, natural look. Chain link is very affordable.

We’ll provide samples of different styles – privacy, semi-privacy, picket, and more – along with color choices. You can change materials between different sections of the fence, getting the best of everything! We’ll place the order to get the materials delivered on time.

Demolition and Site Preparation

Our team will demolish and remove any existing fence or landscape features in the pool area to clear the space. We may have to trim some trees or bushes that are obstructing the planned fence line. Proper site preparation is key to smooth installation.

We’ll remove all debris and dispose of it properly. The ground will be leveled in places to ensure the new fence posts sit on stable, even footing. Concrete footings will be poured and given time to cure if building a wood fence. Our goal is to prep the site for flawless installation.

Precision Installation

With years of experience erecting all kinds of fences, our team has installation down to a science. We take care to install posts and panels plumb and square for optimal structural integrity. Proper gating and self-closing mechanisms will be installed according to code. You can watch our crew in action and ask questions.

If building a wood fence, we use advanced techniques like threading the rails through the pickets to prevent warping. Aluminum and vinyl sections are assembled using sturdy braces and brackets. For chain link, we tightly stretch the mesh and secure it neatly to the posts. The end result will be a straight, even fence that enhances your poolscape.

Gate Installation

Gate placement is planned carefully to allow convenient access without compromising safety. All gates will be outfitted with latching mechanisms that automatically close and lock per regulations. Appropriate hardware will also be installed to accommodate locks.

Safety is our top priority. Special coated hinges, gate stops, and pool-code compliant latches will be used. We want to eliminate any gaps or openings where a child could potentially gain access. Compliance gives you peace of mind. We’ll ensure the gates function smoothly and close securely after each use.

Inspection and Cleanup

Once the pool fence installation is complete, we’ll do a final walkthrough and inspection with you. This is a chance to point out any last tweaks or adjustments needed before we wrap up. We’ll clean up the entire work area, leaving your property neat and tidy, and ready to enjoy.

Next, we’ll notify the local building department to come inspect and approve the new pool fence. We’ll provide any needed documentation and remain available until the project passes inspection and receives final sign-off. Only then do we consider our work complete. Your absolute satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Scheduling Maintenance

Proper maintenance helps your pool fence retain its safety, function, and aesthetics over many years of use. We recommend periodic maintenance checks, especially important for wood fences. Our team is always available for repairs, sealant reapplication, tightening loose parts, and more.

Many homeowners choose to have us handle scheduled maintenance under a service contract. We’ll conduct thorough multi-point inspections at least twice per year and perform any upkeep required. Don’t hesitate to contact us whether it’s for a quick repair or keeping your fence in top shape over the long run.

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Cost of Pool Fencing in Peoria, IL

The cost of installing a pool fence depends on several key factors:

  • Size of pool area – More linear feet means higher material costs.
  • Terrain and site access – Fences on slopes or tight sites cost more.
  • Material used – Wood, vinyl, aluminum, chain link all vary in price.
  • Height of fence – Taller fences 6ft+ cost more than shorter 4ft fences.
  • Special features – Custom gates, screening, etc increase cost.

With all these variables, it’s impossible to give an accurate estimate without visiting your site. Ballpark costs range between $20 – $45 per linear foot installed. Higher-end materials like aluminum and complicated sites can get up to $65/foot.

A typical in-ground pool measuring 30′ x 15′ enclosed on all sides would need about 160 linear feet of fencing. At $30/foot average installed, you’d pay around $4,800 for the project.

We provide FREE quotes after assessing your unique specifications. Contact us today to get accurate pool fencing pricing!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


With over 10 years of experience, our team has the knowledge to recommend and install the ideal fences for your needs.


We provide customized fences designed specifically for your property, lifestyle and requirements.

Quality Materials

We use only the most durable and resilient fencing materials to withstand the test of time.

Professional Installation

Our skilled installers neatly construct your customized fence with precision, care and expertise.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction through clear communication, transparency and delivering on our promises.


Without compromising on quality, we offer competitive pricing tailored to different budgets.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Peoria, Illinois

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FAQs About Pool Fencing in Peoria, Illinois

What are the pool fence requirements in Peoria, IL?

Peoria requires 4-foot tall pool fencing with self-closing, self-latching gates. Gaps must be less than 4 inches. An inspection is needed to get the permit and final approval. We handle the entire permitting process.

What types of fences can be used for pool security?

Aluminum, vinyl, wood, and chain link are common pool fence materials. We recommend durable, low-maintenance vinyl or aluminum. Wood requires more upkeep but provides a classic look.

How much space is needed between the fence and pool?

The space between the pool fence and water’s edge should be at least 3 feet. This prevents children from climbing the fence to gain access to the pool.

Can I incorporate my existing property fence as part of the pool fence?

Yes, your current fence can serve as part of the protective pool barrier after we modify it to meet safety codes. We may need to raise the height or install approved self-closing gates.

What are my gate options for pool fences?

Gates must open outward from the pool and have self-closing, self-latching mechanisms at least 54″ above ground. Single gates must be 36″ wide minimum. Double gates should have one leaf 36″ wide and the other leaf just 18″ wide.

Can the pool fence have decorative or privacy screening?

Yes, many homeowners opt for privacy slats or decorative lattice as a way to block views while meeting code requirements. Vinyl or aluminum fence panels with screening are great choices to enhance privacy and aesthetics.

How long does it take to install a pool fence?

Most pool fences take 1-3 days depending on length and site complexity. We schedule installations efficiently so you can begin enjoying your pool sooner. Temporary fencing can be installed if needed while awaiting permit approval.

When should I have my pool fence installed?

Ideally, have the fence installed before filling the pool, so no safety barriers are removed. If adding a fence to an existing pool, we suggest installing it before pool season gets underway.

How much does it cost to install a pool fence?

Average installed costs range $20 – $45 per linear foot depending on fence height, materials, and site factors. A 15×30 pool could cost $4,800 for a 160 foot enclosure. Get a free quote for your specific project.

What type of maintenance does a pool fence need?

Regular inspections, tightening hardware, adjusting gates, and painting or sealing wood fences are common maintenance needs. We recommend a bi-annual maintenance contract to keep your fence compliant and looking great.

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