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Farm and Agricultural Fencing Company Near Peoria, IL

Installing quality fencing is crucial for keeping livestock and crops safe on any farm or agricultural property.

At Fence Company Peoria IL, our team has over 10 years of experience installing customized fencing solutions for all types of farms and ranches.

We understand the unique requirements of agricultural fencing. Our fences are designed to be durable, long-lasting and able to withstand the elements while keeping valuable livestock securely contained.

We use only the highest-quality materials so you can have peace of mind knowing your farm is protected.

Our agricultural fencing services include installing fences around pastures, paddocks, perimeters, as well as specialized equine fencing.

We also do gates, cattle guards and wildlife deterrents. Contact our team today to learn more!

Process We Follow for Farm and Agricultural Fencing

Initial Consultation

Our process always starts with an on-site consultation. We’ll walk the property with you to understand your specific needs. This includes factoring in issues like terrain, livestock types, fencing purpose, problem areas and future plans. We’ll also take measurements and discuss materials.

Customized Fencing Recommendations

Next, we put together a customized fencing solution tailored to your farm and livestock. For example, horses require a visible rail fence, while sheep and cattle do fine with basic wire fencing. We’ll recommend the best heights, post spacing, gate locations and materials for durability.


If permitting is required for your fencing project, we handle the entire application process for you start to finish. We work with your county officials to ensure compliant agricultural fencing.

Material Delivery & Prep Work

When you’re ready, we deliver all the necessary fencing supplies and equipment to your property. This includes posts, wire, gates and anything else needed. We’ll also take care of any site preparation like clearing brush, leveling terrain or soil testing.

Professional Installation

Our team of experienced fencing technicians then gets to work installing your customized farm fencing. We dig holes, set posts, string wire and test for livestock containment. A project manager oversees quality checks throughout the process.

Cleanup & Next Steps

Once installation is complete, we do a full site cleanup leaving your property in great condition. We’ll do a final walkthrough, address any questions and discuss fence maintenance and next steps for working together. Our support doesn’t end after project completion!

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Cost of Farm and Agricultural Fencing in Peoria, IL

The exact cost of your farm or agricultural fencing depends on the project size, specific materials used and any site prep work needed. Custom fencing with quality materials generally runs $15-25 per linear foot installed. Simple perimeter wire fencing is more affordable at $5-8 per linear foot.

We provide free estimates, so contact us to learn more about pricing. Our team works within nearly any budget while still delivering a durable, high-quality fence that meets your unique needs. Financing options may be available as well.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


With over 10 years of experience, our team has the knowledge to recommend and install the ideal fences for your needs.


We provide customized fences designed specifically for your property, lifestyle and requirements.

Quality Materials

We use only the most durable and resilient fencing materials to withstand the test of time.

Professional Installation

Our skilled installers neatly construct your customized fence with precision, care and expertise.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction through clear communication, transparency and delivering on our promises.


Without compromising on quality, we offer competitive pricing tailored to different budgets.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Peoria, Illinois

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FAQs About Farm and Agricultural Fencing in Peoria, Illinois

What are the most common types of fences for livestock?

High-tensile woven wire fences along with barbed wire fences are very common for containing all types of livestock. The fences have smooth wires on top to be highly visible. Gates and cattle guards are also important components.

What type of fence is best for horses?

We recommend installing visible rail fencing for horses, often with mesh wire backing or electric wire added. This ensures horses can easily see and avoid the fencing while keeping them safely enclosed.

Should I use wood or metal fence posts?

For agricultural applications, we recommend using strong, durable metal posts rather than wood. These hold up better over time and require less maintenance or replacement. We use heavy-duty steel T-posts.

How tall should an agricultural fence be?

Standard heights range from 4-6 feet for cattle and sheep, while goats and horses need at least 5-6 feet of fencing. We customize the height based on your specific livestock type and containment needs. Taller heights are better.

How much space should there be between fence posts?

We space posts between 8-12 feet apart for most agricultural fencing. This provides ample strength and stability for the fencing system. More spacing may be possible in certain straight run scenarios.

What kind of gates work best for livestock?

Heavy-duty livestock panel gates with metal frames, quality latching systems and thick steel tubing along the bottom are best. Gates should be wide enough for vehicles/equipment to access the enclosed area easily.

Should barbed wire point in or out on an agricultural fence?

We recommend installing the barbed wire curled inward toward the enclosed pasture or paddock area. This helps deter livestock from pressing up against it while keeping unwanted wildlife out.

How long does an agricultural fence last?

Properly installed agricultural fencing using quality galvanized steel materials often lasts 20-30 years. With regular maintenance like tension checks, up to 40 years of life span is possible. Much better than wood!

Are electric fences safe for livestock?

When installed correctly, electric fencing is safe for all livestock types. It provides an excellent secondary barrier along with your main perimeter fence. The mild shock deters animals but does not harm them. We use solar equipment.

Does my home insurance cover fencing?

Typically farm or agriculture insurance policies provide some degree of coverage for sudden damage to fences and gates that contain livestock. Policies vary, so check with your insurance company about coverage specifics.

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